Amy, mother of an 11 year old thumb sucker after one week of therapy.     “Miracle worker!”

Eleven year old thumb sucker response after one week of therapy.     “I am relieved!”

Mother of a 6 year old thumb sucker.  “This was so easy and so pleasant! I couldn’t believe it.”

Jordan, mother of thumb sucker

“I remember watching an ultrasound of our little baby boy before his was even born and seeing him sucking his thumb.  At the time, my husband and I thought it was so adorable. Fast forward six years…our Jack struggled as he tried to stop his thumb sucking, something he had always known.  After a visit to an orthodontist, we discovered that our son’s thumb sucking was causing dental, respiratory and sleep issues.  We tried on our own to help him stop with little success and lots of frustration.  Ms. Nancy helped our son take control of his habit.  After one month, he stopped sucking his thumb in the car.  A huge success!  Slowly,he figured ou t how to end his thumb sucking at bedtime too.  It was a lot of hard work but he could not have done it without Ms. Nancy.  Thank you!!!! “


Julianne Svingen, M.A.,CCC-SLP

“Nancy is a professional with extensive knowledge about oral facial myology who has collaborated with me on a number of children.  Her work with these patients on tongue thrust and reverse swallow has speeded their progress in speech therapy.  I have even noticed improvements with problem sounds such as /r/ which were indirectly addressed through the exercises she taught them.  Her contribution to articulation disorders by working on foundational tongue and jaw movements has been invaluable.  She has shown true concern for each patient and a willingness to communicate regularly about our shared cases.”


Grace, 6 years old:    “I love doing exercises with Nancy.”


Kelly Swoboda, mother of a former thumb sucker:

“Nancy working with Grace to help her stop sucking her thumb was wonderful.  The atmosphere in our home became happier and the relationship with my daughter was more positive. Grace’s self-confidence soared as she reached her goal. I have recommended Nancy to many others.”


Tracy Madden-McMahon

“We could not believe what Nancy accomplished with our daughter.  There was fear and a few tears at the first visit but Nancy’s warm ways and positive reinforcement won over our daughter.  She couldn’t wait to call Nancy after completing her exercises and looked forward to earning enough points for a reward. Our daughter stopped sucking her thumb and got rid of her security blanket in one month.  Best of all, she felt proud of her accomplishment.  We consider Nancy’s fee money well spent!”